Quadrophonic version premiered in the Purcell Room, London, 1999
Octaphonic version premiered at the AGON Festival
, Milan
Broadcast in the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia and the USA


John Wynne

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John Wynne’s Upcountry is — part of the time — a musical portrait of Kenyan master musician William Ingosi Mwoshi, who plays, sings and speaks about his music, cites its roots and his. The environment of a Kenyan village colours his expression and makes his world. He, his locality, and the words and music he creates appear indivisible. A documentary ensues. Ingosi’s time.

John Wynne’s Upcountry is — part of the time — an abstract journey. It often takes a route inland — upcountry, in fact. Ingosi’s vocal inflections become material for Wynne’s cool, sinuous tones. Layered, whittled down to bare bones, or mixed into new strata; at times Wynne’s abstractions stretch out to measure space quite differently from Ingosi’s speech rhythms, or indeed the rhythms of his songs. Wynne’s time.

Katharine Norman

For the full text of KN's essay on Upcountry and other electroacoustic works by Francis Dhomont, Kim Cascone, Francisco López, Magali Babin, Paul Lansky, and Martin Gotfrit, go to the Canadian Electroacoustic Society's Sonus website, where you will also be able to hear the works in their entirety.