6 – 8 pm Wed March 23
Podium Lecture Theatre
London College of Communication
London SE1 6SB

John Wynne



A symposium about auditory spatial awareness and the perception of sound in architectural space
to mark the release of an enhanced audio CD* of John Wynne’s installation for 300 speakers, Pianola and vacuum cleaner

300 speakers

Hugh Huddy

(Writer and accessibility expert at the Royal National Institute of Blind People)
Discovering the fundamental role of movement in spatial hearing: how we use it to understand and navigate architectural space

Paul Bavister

(BFLS Architects and The Bartlett School of Architecture)
Surface, space, wavelength and memory: How materiality, spatial volume and sound
interact to shape our perception of space, and our memory of it.
A discussion of the various phenomena that define the acoustic everyday, as defined by the spaces we inhabit

Ross Brown

(Central School of Speech and Drama)
The aural body and the auditorium.
Signal and noise / engagement and distraction: the dialectical nature of audience

and a site-specific performance by
Bob (Ruth) Levene

“Her work resounds with a poetic sensibility that defies categorisation,
but with a focus on the nature of perception and sound.
Adopting pseudo-scientific strategies and anthropological methods of recording
to analyse the ‘nature’ of things, ”(McKinley)


*Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio, this multimedia CD includes a movie by Pete Gomes and an essay by Brandon LaBelle, as well as a 45-minute recording of the installation

All welcome| Admission free | Drinks after
For more information, contact Tobias Rupp