Ephemera: theory and politics in organization (Vol 3 No 4) 2003
Humber Mouth Literary Festival, Victoria Square, Hull, UK
, 2005
Static, the online journal of the London Consortium (Issue 6) 2007

Text programming by Tony Langford

John Wynne



Do(n't) is a set of 3 text/sound pieces. It began as an interactive installation for the European Group for Organizational Studies at their conference in Barcelona and was then developed as web-based works for Ephemera, the online journal for theory and politics in organizational studies.


In 2005, as part of the Humber Mouth Literary Festival, Hull Art Lab chose the 3 text/sound pieces which constitute Do(n't) to play at half-hour intervals on the BBC's controversial Big Screen in the centre of the city of Hull.  The BBC flatly refused to allow "Orange Alert" to be screened, presumably on the grounds of political sensitivity and public safety.  They also said that the 30-second silence with a blank white screen which I added to the end of "Auditory Warnings" specifically for this location had to be edited out because people would think the screen was malfunctioning.  Confidential report was allowed without edits and, along with Auditory Warnings, was played at regular intervals for 2 weeks. 

Click below to see and hear the 3 pieces...

Confidential incident report

Text from an incident report by an airline pilot quoted by Patterson, RD, in 'Auditory warning sounds in the work environment' quoted by Stanton and Edworthy in 'Auditory Warnings and Displays: An Overview' in Human Factors in Auditory Warnings, p5

Auditory Warnings

Text by John Wynne except Cry-wolf effect quote from 'Human factors review of nuclear power plant control room design', Electric Power Research Institute Report NP-309 (1977) Seminara, Gonzalez and Parsons quoted by Bliss in 'Investigations of Alarm Mistrust under Conditions of Varying Alarm and Ongoing Task Criticality' in Human Factors in Auditory Warnings, edited by Stanton and Edworthy, Ashgate, 1999, p179

Orange Alert

Text from The Onion online journal, read by Dr Miguel Orgel